Friday, July 22, 2016

Fwd: Introducing the Cloud Natural Language API | July Google Cloud Platform Newsletter

Reveal the meaning of text through syntax, sentiment, and structure.
Google Cloud Platform
Cloud Natural Language
Cloud Natural Language: from text to context.
Now apps can grasp meaning—and even user sentiment—with natural language recognition.
What's the conversational economy? It's bots. Lots of bots.
Sarah Guo from Greylock Partners offers a comprehensive overview of the bot boom. Read about its implications for everything from app development to cloud adoption.
MongoDB study finds cloud is critical to innovation.
C-suite execs now see cloud as crucial to maintaining an edge—and lack of innovation as a greater threat than security.
High time for low code.
Low code promises to let developers cherry-pick the best features and APIs across several providers. Will "functional PaaS" allow companies to focus on building better technologies and gain competitive advantage?
Build your own gaming analytics solution (podcast).
Listen as the GCP Podcast crew interviews product experts from Pub/Sub, Dataflow, and BigQuery. Follow along with this handy reference architecture to tackle gaming analytics with GCP.
The illustrated children's guide to Kubernetes.
Have the intricacies of container technology eluded you? Maybe you've had difficulty explaining what you do to friends and loved ones. Either way, we've got the guide for you. Watch the cartoon.
Get BigQuery up and running for SEO—or any large-scale dataset.
Follow these step-by-step instructions to get started on Cloud Platform, and upload and query your large-scale datasets with BigQuery. With the GCP free trial, you can try it risk-free.
Build a scalable location analysis platform on GCP.
Use this new tutorial to build an app that combines multiple Google APIs to capture, analyze, and visualize telemetry data at scale. Track large fleets or any volume of moving sensors.
GCP Stackdriver tutorial.
Get set up and start exploring Stackdriver, GCP's full-stack, cross-platform monitoring service. Learn to take debug snapshots, view logs, trace API calls, and add logpoints.
GCP News
GCP gets serious about enterprise.
Google's head of cloud services, Diane Greene, offers the big-picture view of Google Cloud Platform in this profile for Business Insider. Read about the future of GCP and its plans for enterprise.
Enterprise-ready, Kubernetes 1.3 rolls out on Google Container Engine.
Kubernetes' latest release offers increased scale and automation, cross-cluster federated services, and support for stateful applications. Check out the new UI—and fire up a cluster on your laptop.
Not just a data center: the Oregon Cloud Platform region is now online.
The newest GCP region is operational in Oregon with Tokyo soon to follow. With greater availability, customers across the Western U.S. can expect a 30-80% reduction in latency. Take a 360° tour.
Query all of GitHub on BigQuery. Free.
Thanks to a new collaboration, you can now analyze all of GitHub's more than 2.8 million open-source repositories in Google BigQuery public datasets. Dig in with 1TB/month free on BigQuery.
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