Wednesday, August 17, 2016

GCP database portfolio: ready for enterprise | August Google Cloud Platform Newsletter

Bigtable, Datastore, and SQL are now available in more regions—now with a guaranteed SLA.
Google Cloud Platform
When's the tipping point for public cloud? Now.
The world's top IT companies are racing to spend billions to engineer hyper-efficient cloud services. With armies of top talent building a better cloud, are corporate data centers an exercise in obsolescence?
Refresh your cup? Java EE reboots.
Oracle has announced plans for the future of its Java EE enterprise platform ahead of JavaOne in September. Learn how it's being made more cloud-friendly with enhancements for multitenancy, security, and container support.
Kubernetes: how Borg was assimilated—and liberated.
From early experiments with container technology to today's Google Container Engine (GKE), read the tale of how the Borg task scheduler, once a highly secret competitive differentiator, became open source Kubernetes.
Astronomical amounts of code released on Github.
Explore the complete source code for Apollo 11's flight computer software on Github and see how your coding forebears got it done. Packed with puns and pop culture from the 60s, it's like unearthing a time capsule.
Want to build an API? Do it with microservices.
Write endpoints in different languages. Scale services independently. Microservices are perfect for building APIs. Follow along as @SandeepDinesh creates an API using Kubernetes and Container Engine.
Craft Kubernetes with Kelsey.
Want to dive into containers but don't know where to start? Check out Kubernetes maven Kelsey Hightower's "Craft Kubernetes Workshop" and the frequently forked "Kubernetes the Hard Way."
Locked in? Open source solutions are the skeleton key.
This detailed, hands-on guide helps you choose open source services to run on multiple clouds. Get started with, or make the move to, tools that can radically improve operational flexibility, free from vendor lock-in.
GCP big data webinar series.
Learn how to use GCP's big data solutions in real-world scenarios. Sign up now to get up to speed on BigQuery, build a real-time analytics pipeline, and explore data warehousing in the cloud with Hadoop and Spark.
Cloud Datalab beta.
Now you can run Cloud Datalab, GCP's large-scale data transformation tool, on a local machine. New features include the ability to configure remote Git repos, sync with Google Drive, as well as support for a range of Python libraries.
Anvato joins GCP.
Welcome Anvato to the team. By providing a media software platform that encodes, publishes, and distributes video content on multiple platforms, Anvato helps GCP offer scalable media workflows in the cloud.
GCP and Stanford: a transformative team.
As precision health emerges as a discipline, a new collaboration pairs Stanford Medicine's genomics and healthcare expertise with GCP's HIPAA-compliant cloud computing, machine learning, and data science.
Introducing Google Cloud Platform Education Grants.
Now faculty hoping to power innovative work, while empowering young computer scientists, can apply for Google Platform Education Grants. Eligible students will receive free credits to use any of GCP's products.
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